Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Stocks to Watch: GOOG

Google continues to trade higher amid speculation of joining the S&P 500. Keep an eye on this stock.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Stock to Watch: GRU

Gurunet Coporation reports earnings 5/10/05. They are the creaters of a unique search engine that has the potential to be the next Google or Ask Jeeves. Watch for a big move in the stock.

Chesapeake Energy Update

Insider management has just purchased over $6 million worth of common stock on the open market (5/5/05). Insiders continue to buy stock. A sign of good things to come for CHK and their shareholders.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Closed Positions

These are my closed positions. I am not a day trader but I do change my outlook on certain stocks quickly.

Devon Energy - Bought $45.40 (3/1/05) Sold $46.15 (4/27/05)
- This is a great company - just wanted to take a profit

PNC - Bought $53.18 (4/29/05) Sold $53.81 (5/4/05)
- I don't know what the heck I was thinking with this one.

Nabors Industries - Bought $57.60 (3/18/05) Sold $60.20 (4/5/05)
- This was a trade - not an investment

Revlon - Bought $2.15 (12/6/04) Sold $3.31 (4/12/05)
- Has struggled since I sold it. I think the company will come through. Not a bad profit.

Thornbug Mortgage - Bought $28.22 (11/29/05) Sold $29.05 (4/12/05)
- Also got a nice 9.0% dividend. It is going to be tough for TMA with rising rates.

Veritas Software - Bought $21.83 (11/2/04) Sold $28.00 (12/30/04)
- Lucky to get out of this sucker.

TYCO Update

Tyco reported a disappointing quarter but I believe they can still turn things around. I would hold at these price levels.
(I am currently long Tyco)