Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pick of the Month: Lennar (NYSE: LEN)

My latest purchase came a few days ago as I bought some shares of Lennar. A homebuilder that is making hoards of money and is still undervalued with many orders in the backlog. I would still buy the stock right here if I had more money. Look for a huge pop in the stock after the earnings report. Lennar should earn at least $7.00 per share in 2005, and $8 in 2006 and if it trades at 10X earnings that $70 in 2005 and $80 in 2006. Check out some of Lennar's price targets. Still plenty of upside to Lennar. It closed today at $62.19 but ran up in the after hours because of KB Home's blowout qtr. I would still be buying Lennar up to $70 for a short term investment. Longer term I am not concerned about an entry point.


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