Friday, January 27, 2006

Portfolio Update

So far things have gone well in 2006 for my portfolio. I have no "target" rate of return for 2006. My main goal is to make as much money possible while taking on a decent amount of risk. So far the trade of the year was "buying up" in Broadcom (BRCM). My last purchase of Broadcom shares was on 1/5/06. In 2006, I added Bema Gold (BGO) to the portfolio. I am not looking to add any new names to my portfolio unless something comes up. Although I might add a broker (ET, AMTD, OXPS, or TRAD) but I need to do some selling first.

2005 Annual Return: 10.5%
2006 YTD Return: 11.8%

Holdings (% of Portfolio)
1. Broadcom (BRCM) 14%
2. Cerner (CERN) 10.8%
3. Chesapeake Energy (CHK) 8.4%
4. Titanium Metals (TIE) 7.7%
5. Bema Gold (BGO) 7.7%
6. Banco Bradesco (BBD) 7.6%
7. Altria (MO) 6.0%
8. Gilead Sciences (GILD) 6.0%
9. Citigroup (C) 5.6%
10. Tesoro (TSO) 5.6%
Other 20.6%

Changes to come???
  • Looking to add to positions in NRPH, GILD, BBD, & AMX at the proper buy points
  • Stocks to be sold on further strength: MXIM & MOT
  • Maybe add a broker


Blogger Theo said...

Congratulations Big Ben. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading all your postings in 2006.


1/28/2006 2:48 PM  
Blogger muckdog said...

Good job. I've been eyeing C as well. I like big banks when the dividend is over 4% and especially if the Fed is done tightening.

1/29/2006 12:25 AM  

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