Monday, January 30, 2006

A Closer Looks at Quality Systems (QSII)

Quality Systems (QSII) announced a one time cash dividend of $1.75 per share today. The company is a technology/electronic medical records company that is loaded with cash. QSII has over $4.00 per share of cash on hand and zero debt. On the March 2005 cash flow statement QSII paid just over $19.6 million in dividends. But less the dividend payment QSII would have again produced positive changes in cash flow for the quarter. Insiders own 38.06% of the total outstanding shares, so investors will benefit from shareholder friendly practices (like special dividends). Plus 19% of the float is short, another driver of price appreciation.

October Article on Electronic Medical Record Stocks

Note: I am long QSII


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