Tuesday, October 24, 2006

High Flyers

The airlines are probably one of my least favorite sectors. Brand loyalty no longer exists, no airline has premium service, and most airlines are constantly fighting with labor unions. But there are three airlines worth investing in.

The first one is RyanAir Holdings ADR (Nasdaq: RYAAY) . Don't let the long ticker symbol scare you away. On average RYAAY trades 209,000 shares per day on the Nasdaq. RyanAir is expected to grow at least 16% per year for the next five years. They only fly 737-800's between Ireland and Continental Europe. RyanAir has discovered how to run a profitable airline. Read this article on how RyanAir will be profitable by offering flights for free.

The other two airlines that are work investing in are GOL (GOL) and Copa Holdings (CPA).


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